Strategic Change, Inc.




To promote positive, effective and life-changing educational career development opportunities to youths and adults from diverse backgrounds who may, otherwise, not have access to or guidance of a supportive system of professional, career-oriented Mentors.





We believe individuals are lacking necessary tools for advancement and growth
opportunities because assistance, like ours, are oftentimes out of reach.



Strategic Change, Inc. is corporately headquartered in Dallas, TX:


Facility:   3330 Matlock Road, Suite 202,    Arlington, TX    76015

Mailing:   Post Office Box 182822, (1301 E. Bardin Rd, Unit 182822)   Arlington, TX  76096.


Strategic Change, Inc. is one of the newest leading educational establishments in the Texas region.

We are comprised of:  (1) Chair Person, (4) Board of Directors, (2) Board Officers and numerous members.

Our corporate office hours are Monday through Friday:  10:00 AM – 10:00 PM  and  Saturday:  9:30 AM – 3:00  PM.

Occasionally, our Administrative Office is closed due to:  Off-Site Fundraising Campaigns and other engagements.


Strategic Change, Inc. target focuses are:  Minorities and Urban sectors:


∞   At-Risk,  Income Challenged  and  Under-Served

∞   Reform,  Juvenile  and  2nd Chance

∞   Anyone who desire and need such Programs


Our mission is to provide vocational, skill-building and creative tools as solutions toward a positive, long-term change.

We accommodate individuals, young or seasoned, with effective knowledge that ensures advancement.

We are extended nationwide, primarily, in areas that are not easily accessible to opportunities, such as what we offer.


Our Organization exemplifies more than a strong competitive edge.

We are in an excellent position to capture and maintain a continual flow of communal relationships.

We believe our wide range of educational structures adequately cover most areas for potential career growth.

The areas of potential career growth, by which, will enclose probable gaps of impossibility.


Strategic Change, Inc. is divided into (3) distinct Programs:

1.)   Youth CORE: Career Development Programs

2.)   Adult CORE: Career Advancement Programs

3.)   Elective Course Programs


Strategic Change, Inc. is:

a.   A continual educational sector for vocational purposes

b.   A Mentoring Program of career development opportunities for youth and adults

c.   An At-Will, Equal Opportunity – Community Involvement Service

d.   A Non-Profit under section code 501(c)3 for Youth and Adult Education

e.   A Public Charity, Domestic Organization under the Internal Revenue Code

f.   A For-Profit Company for:     Elective Course Programs for extended education

g.  A subsidiary organization under OTBC Services, LLC. – Corporation


Any and all contributions, gifts, bequests, devises, transfers, donations of any kind given on behalf of

our Programs is fully 100% income tax deductible under section 170, 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code.




501(c)3 Non-Profit, Public Charity



Strategic Change, Inc.: Career & Mentorship Initiative Program is a 501(c)3 non-profit, Public Charity Organization that provide essentially free continual educational opportunities, for those who qualify. We provide educational opportunities to:

-   High School students:  9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades

-   Youths who are between the age group of:  14 – 19

-   Adults Ages (18) Years and Older


Our CORE: Career Development Programs are offered to:

a.)   High School Students and Youth:  administered for up to (12) weeks 100% live, interactive and online through our securely encrypted Interactive Classroom and Testing Center Databases. Participants will have complete access through the use of his or her personal computer, via internet, phone and webcam (optional). Each taught session is recorded and evaluated by our Administrative Evaluation Team who are trained on critical protocol.


b.)   Adults Ages (18) Years and Older:   administered for up to (12) weeks in-person onsite at our Matlock/Mayfield location during selected times and dates. Hosted workshops and seminar classes will vary depending on classroom size.


Our Programs are conducted year-round by hired college educated Instructors who are assessed, trained and certified in his or her areas of expertise through our Organizational Training Program. On a weekly basis, Certified Instructors are assessed through the use of Lesson Plans to ensure each student’s learning experience.

At Program-End, youth participants are celebrated by formal “Black&White Tie” GALA with open opportunities to receive Program Incentives of:   Certificate of Completions, Scholarships, Academic Achievement Awards, Graduation Gifts and Apprenticeship Referrals.

At Program-End, adult participants are celebrated by a formal “Black&White Tie” Graduation Ceremony with open opportunities to receive Program Incentives of:   Certificate of Completions, Employment Referrals and One-on-One Career Coaching sessions conducted by our Senior Executive Director of Programs  (Credentials and Qualifications).


All Program Incentives are discretioned by the Senior Executive of Career Programs and/or Governing Board of Directors.




For-Profit Corporation



Strategic Change, Inc. is a For-Profit Corporation that provides onsite and off-site educational Programs administered in group or individualized settings, ages (20) years or older. Our classes are offered to the general public, as well as private sectors.

Sessions are held, at cost, at (1) or more of the following locations:

On-Site:   In-House Classroom,  limited spacing

Off-Site:    Professionally established at your location


Our hosted workshops and seminars are categorized in areas of the following:

Literacy,  Technical,  Employment,  Entrepreneurship,  Front Office  and  Small Business.


Youth & Adult Career Development Education

Corporate Office: (817) 633-0350

Administration: Ext. 101

Enrollment: Ext. 102

Director: Ext. 103

Corporate Fax: (817) 582-0002

3330 Matlock Road, Suite 202
Arlington, Texas 76015

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